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Where Your Story Becomes Art

Over 17 years of experience across the globe has brought Kayhan Tattoo to Istanbul, offering exceptional tattoo and piercing services in a completely hygienic and professional environment. We utilize the most modern tools and highest quality materials, attracting a clientele who seek the very best.

Your story is unique, and so should your tattoo be. At Kayhan Tattoo, we believe a tattoo is more than just ink; it's a personal expression. Our experienced artists go beyond your desired style, incorporating powerful symbology to craft a meaningful and visually stunning piece. Just share your story with us, and we'll handle the rest.

We understand that every person is special. Your interests, personality, and taste all play a role in designing a tattoo that reflects who you are. Let Kayhan Tattoo transform your story into a masterpiece.

Istanbul's Premier Tattoo Destination:

  • 17+ Years of Experience

  • Internationally Acclaimed Artists

  • Hygienic & Professional Studio

  • Modern Tools & Top-Quality Materials

  • Custom Tattoo Design & Symbolism

  • Body Piercings Available

Ready to tell your story? Visit Kayhan Tattoo today!

Ferhat Kayhan

Ferhat Kayhan
A Journey from Music to Tattoo Mastery

Born in Tehran in 1983, Ferhat Kayhan's artistic inclinations were evident from an early age. Gifted in painting, calligraphy, and design, he harbored dreams of a musical career, inspired by the rock stars he admired. However, a fateful encounter with tattoos during his youth sparked a passion that would shape his life's trajectory.

In 2005, on his first trip to China, Ferhat's fascination with tattoos reached new heights. A meeting with a Chinese master tattooist and the creation of a majestic dragon tattoo on his shoulder and chest in the city of Yiwu ignited a burning desire to learn this intricate art form.

Determined to pursue his newfound passion, Ferhat returned to China a year later, immersing himself in the world of traditional Chinese tattooing under the tutelage of his revered mentor Xiao Zhan called Joe. He spent the next year mastering the techniques and philosophies of Eastern-style tattooing, absorbing the rich cultural heritage embedded in each stroke of the needle.

Returning to his homeland, Ferhat dedicated the next three years to honing his skills, meticulously studying and practicing various tattoo styles. His innate artistic talent and unwavering dedication allowed him to excel in a diverse range of techniques, captivating a growing clientele with his artistry.

Ferhat's exceptional talent and passion for tattooing did not go unnoticed. In 2011, he joined a renowned Istanbul tattoo studio as their lead artist, gaining invaluable experience and exposure to the international tattoo scene. Inspired by his success and driven by a desire to share his knowledge and expertise, Ferhat established his own tattoo studio "Tehranink" in his native country that same year.

Over the next decade, Ferhat's artistry touched the lives of over 10,000 individuals, adorning their bodies with exquisite tattoos that reflected his mastery of diverse styles. His reputation as a tattoo maestro grew, attracting clients from all corners of the globe.

In 2021, driven by a desire to expand his reach and foster a global community of tattoo enthusiasts, Ferhat established Kayhan Tattoo in Istanbul. This venture not only provided a platform for his international clientele but also served as a hub for nurturing aspiring tattoo artists, imparting his years of wisdom and experience to the next generation.

Today, Ferhat stands as a seasoned tattoo artist, his expertise spanning a vast array of styles. While his personal preference lies in hyper-realistic and Irezumi (East Asian) designs, along with geometric and Maori motifs, he remains proficient in all forms of tattoo artistry.

As Ferhat embarks on his fourth decade, his passion for tattooing remains as fervent as ever. With over 12,000 tattoos adorning the bodies of his clients, he continues to push the boundaries of his art, inspiring and captivating all who encounter his work.

Ferhat Kayhan's legacy lies not only in his exceptional artistry but also in his unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of tattoo artists. His dedication to his craft and his passion for sharing his knowledge have transformed him into a pillar of the tattoo community, ensuring that the art form continues to flourish for generations to come.



Batuhan Çıbık

Batuhan cibik
A Fusion of Graphic Design and Tattoo Artistry

Born and raised in Istanbul, Batuhan Cıbık's artistic journey began with a degree in graphic design. His passion for art and creativity led him to the world of tattooing, where he has been honing his skills for the past six years. Since 2020, Batuhan has dedicated himself to tattooing professionally, specializing in the intricate and expressive style of black and grey realism.

Batuhan's background in graphic design seamlessly blends with his tattoo artistry, allowing him to create unique and personalized designs for his clients. His meticulous attention to detail, mastery of shading and light, and ability to capture emotions through his artwork have earned him a loyal following among tattoo enthusiasts.

Beyond his expertise in black and grey realism, Batuhan is also a skilled piercer, offering a range of piercing services at Kayhan Tattoo. His passion for his craft and commitment to providing a safe and hygienic piercing experience make him a trusted choice for those seeking body modifications.

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